History of Company

The name of Hiep Loc is a joint name of two sisters in a family, Hiep and Loc – company co-founders, with the meaning of gathering fortunes to create success.

In the early 2000s, the foundations of Hiep Loc were laid when a small family business built its reputation primarily in manufacturing and outsourcing garment packaging accessories to supply for domestic needs.

Over the years, with the drastic development of Vietnam’s Garment and Textile, the company has continuously changed with the high rhythm of innovation. To meet the demand of its domestic and overseas customers, Hiep Loc was expanded and transformed to a limited company in 2010.

With the aim of quickly establishing a reputation for innovation and quality, Hiep Loc today is on the way to become the leading in its niche and highly contribute to the value chain of garment products. 

Our Strategy & Direction of development


Ever since its founding, the company and its people have always been on a watch to enhance the competitive advantages by investing more and more in technology, machinery and customer service.

Hiep Loc is committed to offering all of clients the best quality products and services with competitive prices within a promised time frame and wants to be your highly trusted business partner. (Our vision)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) opens door to greater opportunities and challenges for Vietnam’s Garment and Textile Industry. Follow this trend, our mission is to become the leading producer and supplier in packaging niche and help to enhance the value and image of Vietnamese garment products. (Our mission)


Running the business with the notion of Building up value, creating success”, since the beginning we have focused to maintain high quality products and services. Our promise is “always beside you and your business”

Thus, we have been receiving many trusts from our partners and appreciating by a long list of esteemed clients that are spread across the country and the nearby neighbors. 

Photos of operation

Business Unit & Invesment


Packaging is a very important marketing strategy to glamorize your product in order to attract the consumer’s attention.  Most consumers judge a product by its packaging before buying. So it is logical to say attractive packaging is crucial in order to get the first time buyers to buy your products.

We are providing a wide range of garment packaging accessories and consulting related technology service. Our products are divided into 3 main groups:

·         Plastic based products (Shirt clips, Collar butterfly, Collar bands, etc).

·         Paper based products (Cardboards, collar bands, tissue paper, etc)

·         Poly bag (PE, PP, OPP bag, etc).

They are available in many forms, sizes and colors. Nevertheless, we also customize to your requirements and provide personalization features designed to identify your brand profile directly to consumers.


Since its establishment, Hiep Loc has been focusing on technology and machinery innovation to ensure the quality of products and services. At the moment, we have invested in 2 main factories and some supporting business partners:

·         The first factory to produce plastic based products and poly bag.

·         The second one to produce paper based products: Cardboard, collar bands, boxes, etc.

Our workshops are running under the surveillance of high skilled workers and strictly controlling by a quality assurance team to maintain the standard of products. Moreover, we always assist employees to develop their skill and knowledge. All is for providing the best quality products and services.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of our customers, business partners and employees who are always beside us and our business in concrete cooperation. In the future, we hope to receive more trusts and consideration from all of you.

Lastly, we wish all of you have perfect health and lasting prosperity.